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Our History

Johan Marais was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2007. He is a fulltime wheelchair user due to partial paralysis in both his legs. In 2009 Johan decided to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and completed a one day 120 kilometres ride in his home town riding a hand-cycle. Johan had no experience in hand-cycling and rode the 120 kilometres after just two weeks of training, if you can say that paddling just 10 to 20 kilometres per day is training.


Since 2009 Johan has been part of various charity events and decided in 2015 that it’s time for a new personal challenge by once again creating awareness.


This gave birth to Caring Wheels.


Caring Wheels is an registered Non Profit Company (NPC Reg #: 2015/450064/08) that creates and also takes part in awareness campaigns in support of other non-profit and public benefit organisations. Our main aim is to create awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and the disabled mobility impaired community of South Africa.


Our Supporters


Awareness Campaigns


Johan is currently training for a hand-cycle ride of more than 600 kilometers from Vanderbijlpark down to Durban to create awareness and to raise funds for MSSA (Multiple Sclerosis South Africa).


During this ride Johan will visit around 60 schools. His talk about his personal journey with MS and place great emphasis on his message to stop school bullying, truly a highly motivational message.


MSSA is a non-profit organisation with the purpose to create both awareness of this most debilitating disease and to provoke any and all suggestions which may lead to empowering multiple sclerosis sufferers in South Africa and in doing so put MSSA on the world wide map.



The vision of the society is to gather building blocks towards our big goal of establishing a care centre where persons with MS may be assisted by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.



  • To ameliorate the suffering and to aid those who have Multiple Sclerosis, particularly the indigent, in all ways within the means of the branch.
  • To endeavor to bring to people with Multiple Sclerosis the benefits of all the latest advances in the treatment and care of Multiple Sclerosis.
  • To assist in the study and research of Multiple Sclerosis.
  • To co-operate with other Societies or organizations with similar aims and objectives. In this regard the Branch shall co-operate with the International Federation of Societies and with other Societies in the world.
  • To raise funds to achieve its objectives.


Please support Johan on his ride to Durban by visiting and donating on this fundraising page in support of the MSSA. (Visit GivenGain)




After the 60 Schools to Durban ride, Johan will take a 2 month break waiting for the worst part of winter to pass, before he will start with his second campaign for the year.


This is also a hand-cycle ride, only this time he will ride more than a 1600 kilometres from Vanderbijlpark down to Cape Town to raise funds and awareness for the Chaeli Campaign.


The Chaeli Campaign was founded by Chaeli Mycroft, her sister, Erin and family friends, Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea Terry because of Chaeli’s need for a motorised wheelchair. After raising R20 000 in just 7 weeks it was decided to formalise The Chaeli Campaign as a non-profit organisation and continue to help other children with disabilities throughout South Africa. Adults joined forces with the original founders to manage the business side of the organisation, and the original founders were entrenched as the Founding Committee.


The Chaeli Campaign celebrates its 10th birthday as a registered NPO in August 2014. It runs eight programmes in support of children with disabilities and is actively involved in mobilising the minds and bodies of children. A dynamic advocacy focus promotes a unique and practical celebration of the inclusion of people with disabilities. There is a great need within the field of disability, not only for assistive devices, equipment and treatment programmes, but also for community education, understanding of disability and the normalisation of society through the inclusion of people with disabilities.


We believe that we don’t merely give wheelchairs, we aid improved independence; we don’t just provide hearing aids – we open up a hearing world; we don’t simply supply laptop computers – we create a canvas on which children can express their thoughts and feelings. Our goal is to breathe hope into the lives of children with disabilities and their families as we find ways of improving their independence, socialisation, education and integration into their communities.


The original 5 campaigners, our Founding Committee, are still actively involved in promoting the Chaeli Campaign and this emphasises our maxim: Administered by Adults – Powered by Kids. Four of our Founders (having turned 18) now serve as full members of our Management Committee.


Please support Johan in this ride to Cape Town by visiting the fundraising page in support of the Chaeli Campaign.

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